Hello... and also Comics are Awesome!

This site includes my portfolio, some links to my work, some facts about me, the flimsiest of tutorials and the occasional completely random bloggish nonsense, but don't blame me; you're the procrastinator and/or stalker that decided to come here!

Anyway, since A: I am rapidly approaching an advanced, albeit quite nerd-signicant birthday, and B: I am clearly-photgraphed with roughly the same regularity and fidelity of a sasquatch, instead of a landing page with my old, ugly mug, I'm using this space to show why comics are amazing. Don't worry, it's brief.

Look at the picture below (click it if you're feeling adventurous):

Whether you realize it or not, it's masterfully done. It's from Ultimate Origins #4 by Brian Michael Bendis and Butch Guice. Setting aside how much is being economically told here, and how excellent the composition is (seriously... those slightly downhill-to-the-left horizontal gutters... those diagnoals at the leading and final panel...), this is a way to tell a story that no other art form can deliver.

Montages in movies force you to absorb words and sounds in a linear fashion, and using the same size frame. They dictate HOW the action proceeds. They dictate what it sounds like. Traditional books are often trapped into giving you information that prevents you from reasoning your own conclusions (who is skateboarding, for instance...). This page is the equivalent of handing you a bunch of clues and letting you optimize the story for your own experience, with word balloons as a trail of breadcrumbs (props to the letterer as well).

Anyway... long story short: I'M A BIG NERD! And comics are awesome.

*if you MUST know, that's basically me in the picture to the left of the navigation bars.