Please provide a doctor's note...

That's me. On the right. It's a fairly recent picture... geologically speaking. The fellow on the left, despite your initial impression, is NOT Joaquin Phoenix from the future sent BACK into the past to abduct me for ransom. He is my former dentist and all-around nice fellow. In this picture, I am completely stoned. Having just had my first tooth pulled (after I shattered it during the trial run of my makeshift waterslide), I was ordered to take some time off. They didn't specify how long, or whether the time should be taken all at once, or intermittenly. As such I am hoping that it officially excuses my absence from this website and pretty much anything else I slack off on in the future. Thanks, Dr. Guggemos!

This site includes my portfolio, some links to my work, some facts about me, the flimsiest of tutorials and the occasional completely random bloggish nonsense, but hey... shouldn't you be working?