I was born and raised in Arlington Virginia. From a young age, my unique flair and keen sense of style was apparent:

My place amidst the zeitgeist peaked at age 5, when I was voted King of Hearts of my Kindergarten class (which proved to be a ceremonial distinction rather than an official one). Upon my abdication, I found myself in search of a second career, and therefore took up drawing on a chalkboard. And erasing. And more drawing. Repeat.

I was also a big fan of defacing the inside of board-game boxes (not sure why). Perhaps I was wronged by the Parker Brothers in a former life.

Later, once my mother felt that my love of drawing outweighed my fascination with starting fires, she bought me paper to draw on and I began drawing pointless, meandering and unauthorized Indiana Jones comic books in the fourth grade (still better than Crystal Skull...), before I could even spell "archeaologist." Once I could reliably draw a straight line, I moved on to Transformers comic books that were equally pointless and meandering (still better than Age of Extinction...). This is where I learned how to tell a story through pictures.

This obsession continued right up through high school. Despite some side missions involving fishing, metal detecting and skateboarding, I always drew and wrote. My first published work was in a teeny tiny (seriously tiny) publication called Lacunae in 1995.

After graduation, I chose to skip 95% of my college classes in favor of drawing comics, reading comics and learning digital graphic design. I also worked at one of the world's worst country clubs and one of the world's best comic book shops (Four Color Fantasies, in Winchester, VA). The gamble paid off several years later when I landed my first graphic artist position at a screenprinting company.

I continue to be gainfully employed as well as able to write and draw stuff on the side for fun and profit. Mostly fun.

Most of the time I spend NOT drawing, writing, or working my day job is spent raising a bale of turtles, cooking, skateboarding, biking, playing tennis, mowing my yard, watching old movies or reading comics.