Well, my old phone number was on here, but it has been removed after a series of unfortunate events. So the best way to get in touch is:

I can also often be found at the following places at various times, so if you are a gambler, give them a shot:

1. Michael's or Hobby Lobby - whichever one is NOT having a sale on wreaths or Chinese housewares on that particular day.

2. The Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Winchester, eating a cheesesteak and/or almost getting beaten up by a hipster jerk while listening to Crispin Glover do a reading of his book (true story).

3. Any Sheetz store still stocking Tastycake chocolate mini-donuts.

4. On Route 7, enhancing my calm while dealing with other drivers.

5. On the W&OD Trail, biking while listening to Pandora. If you are thinking of sniping me, this is probably your best bet.

6. State Line Exxon, buying reasonably priced Pepsi or Yuengling... or both. No, I don't mix them together (although now that I think about it.....)

7. In my large backyard, chilling in front of a bonfire, under the stars, thinking the big thoughts of the universe.