Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: So, Derelict...


Q: How come you have a website? You aren't even famous or anything.

A: Ha, well apparently someone isn't up-to-date on Brasilian police blotters, because I've made quite a name for myself in the last few years.

Q: That's not how you spell Brazilian.

A: It's how they spelled it on the warrant.

Q: Hey, idiot! Nice broken hand from punching a wall! Ha ha. Idiot!

A: Your statement was not in question form, but I will elaborate. In a devolutionary moment, I got angry and punched the wall of my house with my drawing hand, breaking the 5th metacarpal. It was easily the dumbest thing I've ever done, and I paid money to see The 5th Element, so that's saying something. In any case, after a few thousand dollars and some rehabilitation, I am working my way back toward peak artistic amazinghood.

Q: How do you pull off that really graphic, shady look that you produce?

A: If you mean the one on my face when I'm at the food court, I was born with it. If you mean my art style on Derelict and Blood of the Blood, then the workflow is as follows:
1: Don't punch a wall.
2. Everything starts as a thumbnail.
3. The thumbnail gets redrawn at final print size. This is the part of the process that requires the most thought, as the point is to make the remainder of any project easy enough to complete while Law & Order: SVU or CSI Miami play in the background.
4. After approval from "the boss," who can be either myself or the other person whose name is on the checks, I scan the mini-pages to art-board size and print them out. These are then traced on my super-high-powered custom lightbox (one of a kind!) which is powerful enough to turn bristol board into onion skin. I use non-photo blue sparingly since it can show up in the final shades (and since nobody makes a non-photo pencil worth a crap anymore).
5. Here comes the 4H! Everything, but EVERYTHING gets drawn in a 4H pencil. This gets the page about 85% there.
I have to be careful not to smudge the panels as I go, since this is final artwork, and not a template for an inker.
6 . I go back with a plain old #2 or HB pencil and scribe in all of those nifty graphic outlines and finishing touches. this is when the page truly pops.
7. Sometimes I jump back to the 4H or 6H (if I'm in the mood to fight the scanner later) to add shading, smoke, etc.
8. Panel borders are the last thing, done in pencil.
9. Scan it in RGB. If you're going to be serious about drawing comic books, buy an oversized scanner. You will not regret it.
10. Grab just the blue channel of the image. It's all you're gonna need. Sorry Red. Sorry Green.
11. Crush the levels of the image until the darkest lines (HB in my case) get to a nice inky black and the lightest areas white out. You may need to do a little fiddling with dodge and burn but DON'T OVERDO IT! These aren't inks and shouldn't look like them.
12. Congratulations, you are now as smart and talented as me!

Q: What's the best way to break into comics?

A: Have a day job and change your mind.

Q: You have a story in Gay Terror #1? Does that mean you are gay?

A: Of course it does. I also did the art for Chucky #1, so it stands to reason that I am a 2 foot tall killer doll. Based on Derelict, I am also a robot.

Q: What's today's special?

A: Today's special is chili-lime marinated chicken breast with grilled peppers and spicy smashed potatoes on the side.

Q: The final art for Chucky looked kinda crummy? What's the deal?

A: There's a longer story here, but trust me, Devil's Due Publishing got every penny's worth of the 78 dollars that they paid me to do that, not to mention 12 pages of the second issue that they got for free before they downsized and dissappeared! And by disappeared, I mean the guy in charge (Josh Blaylock) changed their name to avoid getting set upon by debtors/creditors and repeated lied to me and others about paying me/them back. I stopped reading his emails and life has been simpler since. Lesson learned.

Q: Isn't your name Jason? What's with the J David? Are you getting all high-falutin'?

A: Yes.