Pretend I wrote something really cool here instead of a placeholder, and I promise to come back soon to replace it!


I redacted the story I orginally wrote here, but it included an image of Barbarella, and I can't deprive you folks of that because WOW:


Sometimes people ask me about my process. Here is a handy schematic:


A: is the tiny thumbnail I draw after researching what the client/author needs

B: is the rough sketch I send to the collaborator before continuing. I like to create my roughs at-size(when possible), so that what I see is what the viewer will eventually get.

C: is the new sketch I do after I realize I've f***ed up the orientation of the space in which the illustration appears.

D: is a refined rough draft that is sent for approval.

E: is the approved version blown up and "crushed" so that I can trace it on my homemade uber-bright light table (strong enough to trace through Bristol Board)

F: is the final piece drawn on Bristol. After a careful spray of fixative to keep all that graphite from dragging and smudging, I scan it (see FAQ for details on my digital process) and get this.

And then I lament that I just stayed up all night and have to go to work! Ta-Da!


Have you ever done anything so stupid that you knew in less than 1 second that it was easily the stupidest thing you've ever done?

Well, I did that some weeks ago. For reasons too boring (okay, humiliating) to get into here, I punched a wall. It was a short fight that the wall won.

That's my actual x-ray. I broke my 5th metacarpal in half. It has about a 30 degree bend in it now. The pinky knuckle no longer exists. This is the first bone I have ever broken, and I was quite unimpressed with the amount of pain it caused, and yet flabbergasted at the amount of frustration it caused me.

Here I sit some time later (and roughly 2,000 bucks poorer) looking at my now-deformed drawing hand. No, really, it's deformed. The person who put the cast on me... who I would like to think sees way worse situations every day... gasped and referred to it as some "serious deformity".

It's official: I'm a freak.

Okay, so it's not that bad. Most people don't even notice it unless I point it out. And who the hell wants to be symmetrical anyway? The good news is this. I am back in action to some capacity. I need to be careful with it, and, believe it or not, I have to relearn how to angle my hand, since my knuckle is gone (but I have a bony lump on the back of my hand... ewwww...).

So if you've wondered what the hell happened to me... I've been convalescing, but like Turbo, when Miracles needed saving, I'm ready to stand up and start breakdancing with the nurses.