Annoyingly Talented Mixed-media Genius Erik Jones (hey, kids... NUDITY!)

Mark Crilley, Creator of Akiko, One of My Faves (hey kids... NO NUDITY!)

Scott Story is one of the hardest working men in webcomics with Johnny Saturn!

Creating Comics:

Just about Everybody knows About Blambot

Excellent Letterer and Comic Creator Todd Klein

Home of Many Making-of Articles: Comic Monsters has loads of great and free stuff to listen to during those long overnight hours hunched over the drawing board.

3D Design & Animation

Outside The Fray: A good place for awesome grungy textures

3D Total: My favorite Animation Site

I should really keep this a secret, but...

Other Stuff

Wrong Side of the Art: A Time-killing repository of (occasionally R-rated) awesome, hi-res movie posters like this one:


More to come!